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Quick note from Jenny:

Hey there, fitness professionals!

First and foremost, congratulations on considering this exciting opportunity.

You're here on the application page, and you might be wondering, "Is this the right move for me? Can I really take my fitness career to the next level with Coach JVB?"

We totally understand those thoughts, and you're not alone. Many fitness professionals who have joined our exclusive team felt the same way when they were in your shoes.

Before you proceed with the application, we encourage you to watch the brief video above. Hear directly from individuals just like you, who, by taking that next step and submitting their application, are now realizing their dreams. They achieved this without food restriction, isolation, or any of the typical fitness and dieting myths that are out there.

Watching the video will empower you to fill out the application with the confidence that this opportunity is tailored for you. This is the ultimate platform for fitness professionals who are dedicated to their craft and believe that fitness can be enjoyable and family-friendly, all while achieving extraordinary goals.

So, watch the video and then proceed with your application, knowing that you're in the right place to elevate your fitness career to new heights with STRONG. This is your chance to make a significant impact and share your expertise with a broader audience through publication.

— Jenny


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