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Why 1:1 coaching with TSG

Quick note from Jaclyn:

Hey, first off, congrats on taking the first step!

Now you’re here on the application page... (*takes a deep breath*)... and you’re probably thinking, “Is this really for me?? Can I really do this...?”

I get it. Matter of fact, you’re in good company because almost every person that has joined Team Strong Girls... has felt the same exact thing you’re feeling right now.

That’s why before you fill out the application, go ahead and watch the short video above and hear from folks just like you... who took the next step, filled out the application, and are now in their body of their dreams! and they did it  with no food restriction, no isolation, no drama and none of the garbage fitness/dieting myths that are out there.

Watch it and then fill out the application with an added dose of confidence that THIS IS FOR YOU! This is THE place for women who are serious about fitness and learning that it can be fun and family friendly at the same time.

— Jaclyn


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